Guangzhou XiangTengYun Paper&Plastic Products Co., Ltd., located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,
is a company specializing in the production and sales of paper and plastic packaging products.
Including: Mailing bags, Packaging bags, Bubble bags, Plastic shopping bags, Paper bags, Paper Box, Paper cards
and other paper plastic products.
Factory production equipment are advanced imported machines,The monthly production capacity is guaranteed to be 1000 tons.

Packaging and printing products can increase brand awareness and publicity effect.
We can design a set of packaging and printing products for our customers, so that our customers' brands
can be more in-depth people Heart, build brand effect.
In order to actively respond to the environmental protection policy, the raw materials used by our company
are biodegradable and compostable, including: d2w Environmental protection materials,corn stack and biodegradable.

Our company has business department, after-sales department, design department, purchasing department, marketing
department, finance department, import and export department.

Each department has a professional team in charge, with the ability and strength to deal with work efficiently.

Our company Always adhere to the principle of professional things done by a professional team, so that customers have a
better experience in cross-border procurement.

Since 2013, our company has joined Alibaba platform, served more than 100000 foreign customers and obtained many foreign customers
We have a group of stable and high quality foreign customers. Through serving all kinds of customers, constantly improving Our strength
in foreign trade has solved the problem of transnational procurement for many foreign customers

In order to serve different types of foreign customers more accurately, our company has Add to multiple Alibaba platforms.
More targeted services for different groups of customers, to different types of customers Provide customized services.
And provide more competitive prices and products and services.

No matter the order quantity is large or small, we have very competitive price to guarantee the product
Quality and delivery time, let each customer receive his order on time.

In the future, we will pay more attention to the comprehensive strength of the company and solve the transnational
procurement problems for more customers.

We Trust we must be one of your best suppliers in China.

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Mailing bag
Shopping Bag
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